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About Charlotte Waite

Charlotte Waite:

1. What subject was your degree?
International Event Management.

2. What was your favourite part of your degree?
Having the opportunity to organise my own event on my university campus for fellow students providing catering and live entertainment to help raise money for a children’s hospice.

3. Outline a few hobbies & interests:
I enjoy cooking and baking as well as creative projects such as upcycling furniture and interior design.

4. What do you love about Lincolnshire?
The picturesque landscape of the county, we are fortunate to have both the Wolds and miles of coastline on our doorstep, that remain relatively untouched. Growing up in the countryside surrounded by wildlife and nature is something I will always be grateful for.

5. What attracted you to the job of graduate trainee?
After struggling to find a job in the field that I studied my degree, I was unsure what alternative career path to take. The majority of my previous employment was hospitality and events based and I feared that I would not be qualified for any role outside of this industry. However, the trainee program seemed like the ideal steppingstone in my career path offering me the chance to not only learn on the job but experience a variety of different roles involved in running the estate to help me clarify my personal strengthens, weaknesses and areas of interest.

6. What aspects of being a graduate trainee are you most looking forward to?
As I have no experience in agriculture and estate management I am particularly looking forward working in these areas and developing the skills and knowledge required to run an estate successfully. I am particularly interested in furthering my understanding of the organic and stewardship schemes that the estate is currently applying for. I am passionate about the estates vision for the future and being able to be a part of implementing the schemes that will benefit the local area and the long-term health of the environment.

7. What aspects of this role have you enjoyed so far?
My first assigned role on the estate was working with the grounds keeper as part of this role I had to look at establishing a wormery, a compost bin system, developing a plan for the organic kitchen garden and increasing the number of Lincolnshire Buff chickens whilst establishing a pasture-based egg system. I had no prior knowledge about any of the projects I had been assigned, so I had to conduct in depth research, complete online courses and watch a multitude of videos and documentaries to educate myself. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about my projects and with my newfound knowledge creating proposals for how to implement my projects on the estate.

8. Did you ever expect to be doing this job?
No, after graduating University I had always envisaged myself moving to London in search of a role within a large corporate organisation, preferably in the events industry. Although I had heard of the estate prior to applying for the job I was unaware that they offered a graduate scheme and therefore had never considered staying locally until I came across the job.

9. Would you recommend this traineeship to another graduate?
Yes, I think the graduate programme presents you with so many opportunities to develop your knowledge and skill set throughout the different rotations. The traineeship has allowed me access to an array of different programmes, training courses and learning materials. I think that it is brilliant that the estate is offering job opportunities for graduates as locally post graduate job roles are not common, this means that many students who have finished university may chose to move away from the country because there simply is not the volume of job prospects available in Lincolnshire. The estate is making it viable and possible for young professionals to remain in the county and have access to good quality job roles.

10. How do you feel this opportunity will help you in the future/ influence your career?
I think that once I have completed the placement, I will have gained a diverse range of skills and experience that will be beneficial in my future career. I feel that I will be a more confident and independent individual on completing the programme and will be able to utilise my experience and knowledge and apply it to a number of different situations and scenarios in the future. I think my placement will also show future employers that I am able to adapt and react to situations well and that I am capable of fulfilling job roles that are outside of my trained field of events and hospitality.  

11. What do you most admire about the Estate?
I admire the vision for estate and the local area, the constant work and investment that is been made to ensure that the sustainability and the long-term future of the estate and its local community are at the forefront of all the decisions.  

12. What has surprised you the most about this role?
I think that I had initially underestimated the scale and volume of work involved in simply maintaining an estate and all the different parties, experience and investment that is required to make improvements and developments. The desired changes and improvements do not happen overnight they require considerate planning, and are often implemented over a long period of time.

13. How would you describe the Estate in one word?


Charlotte Waite, a Graduate Trainee at South Ormsby Estate


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