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About Emma Wright

Emma Wright

1. What subject was your degree?
BA hons in Fine Art with a diploma in professional studies.

2. What was your favourite part of your degree?
The practical workshops and creating the artwork.

3. Outline a few hobbies & interests:
Horse riding, photography & painting.

4. What do you love about Lincolnshire?
I love the space we have in Lincolnshire, being outdoors is very important!

5. What attracted you to the job of graduate trainee?
I was attracted to the position because of the broad opportunities the graduate trainee offers, as the rotation will introduce me to a large variety of roles and departments within the estate.

6. What aspects of being a graduate trainee are you most looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to learning about a sector I have had no previous knowledge on, as well as getting involved in the many projects that are happening at South Ormsby Estate.

7. What aspects of this role have you enjoyed so far?
As I’ve been working on the cattle projects, I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent outdoors working and learning how the estate works.

8. Did you ever expect to be doing this job?
No, previously I was not aware of the variety of jobs within the farming sector.

9. Would you recommend this traineeship to another graduate?
Yes, I’d recommend it as it’s a good opportunity to learn more and open up to the farming sector surrounding our local area. There’s also the opportunity to learn more about the environmental impact on our planet and how it can be minimized.

10. How do you feel this opportunity will help you in the future/ influence your career?
I think this opportunity will help me develop many skills for the future, which could be used within any job, not just within the farming sector.

11. What do you most admire about the Estate?
I admire the estate’s vision, particularly how they aim to benefit the environment by creating an environmentally sustainable development.

12. What has surprised you the most about this role?
I was surprised by the amount of work that goes into following rules for different schemes that aim to benefit our environment.

13. How would you describe the Estate in one word?


Emma Wright, a Graduate Trainee at South Ormsby Estate


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