Travels, Welcoming Guests and Wildlife

Tom Gordon, one of the apprentices at Gordon’s Autos, is now back in the local garage having thoroughly enjoyed his time in Germany working with Mercedes. Whilst he was there, Tom learned how to completely remove an engine from a vehicle.

He and his three fellow apprentices from Lincoln College were there for almost three weeks and they really valued their time there. Tom was given gifts by Mercedes which included their classic trisected badge and other goodies, and they have been invited to go back there in the future. Tom will certainly be taking this offer up!

We are hoping Tom and Jay, who is the other apprentice with Gordon’s Autos, will be joining us for our First Aid training in July along with Roy and Tanya from the Rectory Guest House.

The Rectory Guest House has been busy welcoming its first guests despite the final touches not yet being in place. Visitors have enjoyed seeing how the restoration project has progressed and been instrumental in helping us decide what additional items are required.

We are now looking at getting the nameplates for the bedrooms. The rooms are all named after Rectors of our local St Leonard’s Church with the exception of the best room which is named after Susannah Wesley, the mother to John and Charles Wesley, the founders of Methodism, who lived in South Ormsby with her Rector husband Samuel between 1691-95.

The feedback has been good and so both Tanya and Roy are pleased. So far all the guests have chosen the hearty, traditional cooked breakfast. Some guests have chosen to book the Massingberd Arms Pub for dinner too.

Craig, our Estate Steward, has been researching where to buy some Lincoln Buff chickens from and is now all set to go and pick these up. Our existing hens have increased their laying and their yolks are a really rich yellow. Jacqui spent her holidays thinking about what experimental cooking she could think of next. Our own flour, eggs and leeks lead her to produce a leek quiche. Her secret with cheesy recipes is to include a little bit of mustard to enhance the cheesy flavour.

The cattle are enjoying their freedom out and about in the fields. They are more spread out this year with the herd spread over Keal Farm, Driby,  Calceby and of course in the Parkland at the Hall. They are currently shedding their winter coats and have been assisted in this by the jackdaws. These birds sit on their backs and pull out the thick old coat for their nests. The cattle don’t mind at all. For them, it’s a bit like have an itch scratched and gets rid of the unwanted old hair.

We are trying to leave some of our grass to grow a little longer in order to encourage voles and this will be of also be of benefit to others in the food chain. We would love to encourage more owls and other birds of prey onto the estate.

Further sightings of otters, using special nocturnal cameras, have been pleasing and Jacqui’s husband Sam took an amazing photograph of a muntjac deer that crossed his path when they were on a family walk on the Skipwith Stride last weekend.


We have just appointed two new members of staff and we look forward to them being part of the team.

Nicky Coxon is joining us to assist us with our event programme. She is a tenant on the estate and lives just a mile from the Hall with her husband and four children.

Clare Towers also lives locally in Tetford, She is going to be work with graduates and young people. She is a married mum to three children.

Our search for an Events Manager, Cattle Display Team Leader and Dairy Herdsman goes on….