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About Olivia Apletree

Olivia Apletree

1. What subject was your degree?
BA Hons Graphic Design.

2. What was your favourite part of your degree?
Learning how to solve problems in a creative and imaginative way.

3. Outline a few hobbies & interests:
I love being outside and walking but most of all I love Ceramics, I run a small pottery company making bespoke ceramic sculptures of animals.

4. What do you love about Lincolnshire?
For me, the Lincolnshire Wolds are the best part. I love walking, so it’s the perfect place to explore!

5. What attracted you to the job of graduate trainee?
I have always lived close to farms and in the heart of the countryside but have never fully understood what it takes to run or manage farmland. The main attraction for me was the diversity of the course. We get to learn and see so much happening on the estate.

6. What aspects of being a graduate trainee are you most looking forward to?
I am really looking forward to working with the heritage breed cattle, I know absolutely nothing on cattle or farming them so it will be very interesting to learn what happens.

7. What aspects of this role have you enjoyed so far?
I have really enjoyed learning about regenerative agriculture. It has really opened my eyes.

8. Did you ever expect to be doing this job?
Having done such a creative degree, I did not expect to be doing a job like this after!

9. Would you recommend this traineeship to another graduate?
I would definitely recommend this job. I haven’t ever seen another job that offers so much learning and such a wide diversity of subjects!

10. How do you feel this opportunity will help you in the future/ influence your career?
I think this role will help me see skills I didn’t know I had, and maybe these will lead to my next venture.

11. What do you most admire about the Estate?
I admire what they are doing for the rural economy, helping local businesses, and helping it to grow.

12. What has surprised you the most about this role?
I think I have surprised myself the most with this role, I have done things I never would have before and taken on large responsibilities.

13. How would you describe the Estate in one word?

Olivia Apletree, a Graduate Trainee at South Ormsby Estate


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