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Rare Breeds

Lincoln Red Cattle

Our original population Lincoln Reds date back to the eighteenth century, and their genetic base can be traced back to the Viking invasions of 440-660 AD. Despite these ancient origins, there are thought to be just several hundred original population Lincoln Reds around the world today.

To help these highly valued cattle recover from the brink of extinction, South Ormsby Estate is using sustainable practices to support the growth of what is now one of the largest herds of original population Lincoln Red cattle in the world.

From a small herd of just 25 cattle at the start of the millennium, our herd now numbers 290; all of which are pure original population Lincoln Red.

The cattle, which have a subtly different appearance to the more common variants of the breed, leisurely graze the fields of the Estate.

Lincoln Red cattle are a part of our history. They’re beautiful animals with vividly coloured, fluffy coats and people in Lincolnshire are rightly proud of them. Lincoln Reds are listed as vulnerable by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and the original population are even rarer. When our herd manager, John Crutchley, began caring for the herd in 2000, there was a real worry that they might die out altogether, but with modern, sustainable practices, we’re helping them to make a comeback.

Within a few years we hope to grow the herd to around 600 but only through sustainable and ethical farming techniques which respect the heritage and history of the Estate and its ancient breed of cattle.

The Lincoln Red Diary

Our herd of Pedigree Lincoln Red Cattle are the pride of South Ormsby Estate, and this diary is where we will share regular entries about them.

From topics such as how we raise and care for our cattle, to key milestones in the life of the herd, as well as the flora and fauna they coexist with, you’ll find up to date stories here.

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