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Supporting the community

Rural Entrepreneurship

Rural business and entrepreneurship play a fundamental part in our vision for the South Ormsby Estate.

Our goal is to make the area a better place to live and work by supporting the growth of a strong and dynamic rural economy with a wide range of businesses operating on the estate.

We’re passionate about promoting entrepreneurship and supporting businesses to grow and prosper. We’re working to establish more businesses on the estate, we’re helping existing businesses to grow, we’re helping agricultural diversification and we’re creating the facilities that businesses need to thrive.

We’re improving the business environment to enable more businesses to become established on the estate and to thrive. Over the coming years, we aim to create new spaces for businesses including office units, workshops and other specialist facilities businesses need to grow. We also offer business support, mentoring, training and apprenticeship programmes for businesses and we can help businesses secure funding and investment.

Business and entrepreneurship are at the heart of our ambitions for the future of this beautiful and historic rural estate.

beekeeper holding beehive frame

The South Ormsby Estate has much to offer to businesses

As well as the peace and tranquillity of working in a beautiful rural setting and a close-knit community, the South Ormsby Estate is actively supportive of new and existing businesses.

The South Ormsby Estate’s team has a wealth of experience in business development and strategy. We can help businesses prosper with business facilities that suit their needs. We can provide office units, workshops, food preparation areas, manufacturing spaces and agricultural provisions.

We also offer business support and mentoring, training and skills development as well as apprenticeship opportunities and we can help businesses to access grants and investment.

There are currently 17 businesses on South Ormsby Estate. These include SMEs, startups, agricultural businesses, traditional crafts, mechanics and home-businesses which create jobs and support the local community. Together, these businesses employ the equivalent of 38 people full time and they contribute £1.92 million gross added value to the local economy.

Our long term vision for the estate aims to increase the number of permanent, full-time jobs to 126 and we expect the increased business activity on the estate to contribute £5.62m per year to the local economy.

Baking class at South Ormsby Estate

A strong economy with thriving businesses benefits the entire community

Increased business activity creates more jobs, creates a more dynamic and active community, encourages inward investment and attracts better services to the area.

Over a number of decades, the South Ormsby Estate has experienced a degree of depopulation. With the growth of cities such as Lincoln and the decline in economic activity locally, residents and their children have increasingly tended to leave the area to live and work elsewhere.

We’re working to turn this around by helping more people to make a living here. We want people to enjoy prosperous lives with the support of a sustainable, modern economy. We want to improve people’s livelihoods and opportunities by creating a sustainable future for the area.

While there will always be a place for people living in rural areas who commute to cities for work, we want more people to live and work within the same area, enjoying all the benefits of the beautiful landscape, clean air and a healthy lifestyle.


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