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Young Workers Saturday Club

New to 2020 was the launch of the Young Workers Saturday Club, which introduced a group of 13-17-year-olds to the world of working on our 3000-acre country estate within the Lincolnshire Wolds.

What is the Young Workers Saturday Club?

The Young Workers Saturday Club is a group of young people aged 13-17, who work and help out with several tasks at South Ormsby Estate. The club allows young people to learn valuable skills and gain working experience, whilst earning some money! Members each have their own contracts and are paid monthly, just like any other member of staff here at South Ormsby Estate.

As part of their day, the Saturday Club will spend time with a new person each week as part of their enrichment, where they will learn about different people within a variety of industries.

The Saturday Club after a days work within the Lincolnshire Wolds

A hard days work...

There are many tasks for the young workers to do, to help the running of the estate throughout the seasons. From pulling ragwort out of the cattle fields to stacking the endless deliveries of logs, which fuel our biomass boiler throughout autumn and winter.  They look after the drives and courtyard, keeping them free of weeds and keep the bird feeders full during the times when the birds need it the most. Five pairs of hands definitely help get jobs done quicker!

The Saturday club emptying wood from a trailer

Supporting our vision...

South Ormsby’s Saturday Club has two main benefits. The first is that the members of the Saturday Club gain valuable work experience from a young age, which is extremely useful and beneficial to them. As well as this, the club also helps us support and work towards our vision in rejuvenating the Estate and supporting young people, regardless of if they’re looking for work, or are Young Entrepreneurs seeking opportunities to grow.

Throughout the coming years, as the Estate grows and changes there will be many more jobs our young workers can do and areas they can learn about – from composters to wormeries, the chickens and egg collecting, tree management, and what fruit and vegetables grow at different times of the year.

Finn at an enrichment session at South Ormsby Estate

More on enrichment...

Alongside their work, we arrange enrichment speakers to come and talk to the young workers. We appreciate that at their age, not all of them will know what they want to do when they leave school or other education. So we are trying to expose them to as many trades and industries as possible – associated with an estate, from plumbers to marketing companies, the local sawmill to the electrician. We have had talks from the herdsman, a graduate, the Estate Manager and our Estate photographer. We have had a tour of The Old Rectory and some of its history. We have looked at bugs, flowers and leaves up close with Wildlife Watch (the junior branch of Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust) and tested out one of the estates Short Walks.

An enrichment course for the Saturday Club


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