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Traceability Guarantee

Cow icon Our ethically farmed, grass-fed beef clearly states where your beef came from.


"Excellent... I found the meat to be of exceptional quality"
Ann, Lancashire


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Lincoln Red Beef Box, 6kg

Lincoln Red Beef straight from our ethically farmed, grass-fed herd on the South Ormsby Estate in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

From quick midweek meals to spectacular Sunday roasts, this box contains a range of delicious cuts to make up to 21 individual meals.


A typical box will include…

  • 2 x Roasting Joints
  • 3 x 300g Steaks
  • 2 x packs of Diced Beef
  • 5 x packs of Beef Mince
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Farm to Fork Traceability…

Our beef comes with our “Farm to Fork Traceability Guarantee”, with each product including the unique animal identification number so you can trace your cuts of meat down to the cow it came from and where on the Estate.

Our beef is dry hung for 21 days to allow the meat to mature before it is expertly butchered by our artisanal butchers, local to the estate.

Butchered seasonally, when the animal is in its prime, Massingberd-Mundy Lincoln Red beef offers superior quality for a considerably better taste and delicious marbling which adds to the flavour.

Introducing our new box for 2020…

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new Lincoln Red Beef box for 2020, complete with roasting joints, beef mince, steaks and diced beef – everything you need to create delicious dishes for every occasion.The Lincoln Red Beef box is the same premium quality, grass-fed beef you have come to expect from South Ormsby Estate, now with more versatility for you.

We are passionate about sustainability, and this great range of cuts means all our beef is going straight into our boxes directly to you, with zero waste.

Due to our artisanal butchery processes, and every animal being unique, box contents may vary in weight and contents due to availability. Where this is the case, we will always substitute for a greater value cut of meat, and/or increased weight of the box.

Sustainably Farmed & Grass-Fed…

Our herd of pedigree Lincoln Red cattle spend their time grazing seasonally on our 3,000-acre country estate in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds

They are 100% grass-fed, sustainably and ethically farmed, ensuring delicious beef of the highest quality, with superior taste.

Our herd of 100% native population Lincoln Reds are from one of the nations oldest and rarest breeds of beef cattle, having been bred for 1000 years.

Please note, our beef is not Kosher. Our cattle are slaughtered in line with all legal obligations, with a fully qualified vet in attendance, and without any religious acts performed during the process.

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It’s worth bearing in mind…

Orders can take up to 10 working days to be delivered. This is because we only prepare them for dispatch when our artisanal butcher is satisfied the beef have been aged, frozen and packed to our high specifications, ensuring the beef arrives with you is of the highest quality.

You will receive an email from our courier when they’re ready to be delivered, complete with delivery date and timeslot to help you plan for the delivery.

When delivered, you can enjoy your beef straight away or put it in the freezer to enjoy later. If you do plan to eat it straight away, please ensure it is defrosted thoroughly before cooking. With some cuts, such as the steaks, you can safely speed up the defrost by popping the vacuum-packed steaks in some warm water (not hot) until fully defrosted (usually no more than 20 minutes), then cook as normal.

What our customers have to say…

“Literally the best steak we’ve ever had. I can’t tell you how tender and tasty they were, incredible!”
Nicky, Lincoln

“Excellent steak; tender and full of flavour… It’s taken me 40 years to find the perfect G&T and it looks like I’ve now found the perfect steak.”
Mark, Southampton

“I never really ‘got’ steak before. In fact, I didn’t really like it. And then tonight, I had Lincoln Red steak. Now I totally get steak. It was BEAUTIFUL.”
Rachel, Abergele

“Incredibly easy to cook and delicious even on their own.”
Luke, Grimsby

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Close up of Beef Joint
Two beef steaks in a pan