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My Days

Kathleen Brown was born on 28th May 1915 and was a maid at South Ormsby Hall from 1932 to 1941. Kathleen passed away in March 2020.

In the early 2000s, Kathleen began to write her life story. She documented her experiences, including those at South Ormsby Hall.

Here you can follow Kathleen Brown’s journey through a long and eventful Lincolnshire life. This is her tale in her voice, just as she wrote it. We hope you enjoy this moving account of a long life, fully lived.

Years of memories...

Kathleen’s stories give us a vivid insight into life at South Ormsby Estate in the 1930s. With the events of those days fading from living memory, we are fortunate to have such a rich account of our pre-war heritage. Knowing our own past so intimately will ensure that we can rejuvenate the Estate while honouring the legacy of those who went before us.


Kath’s story:

Kath’s story is something we want to treasure and share with you all.

We’ve carefully divided her journey into eight weekly instalments.

We’ll follow Kath’s story from childhood to service at South Ormsby, then to marriage, motherhood and more.

Please check below for the latest instalment of ‘My Days’.

My Days – Chapter Three

Leaving Home When I was 16, I went into private service at Market Stainton with the Parker family. They were great. I went there as …

My Days – Chapter Two

Donington on Bain was about two miles from where we used to live. When we could, Grace and I used to walk to Stenigot to …

My Days – Chapter One

Prologue My mother, Kathleen Brown, encouraged by a neighbour, sat down in the early 2000s and began to write her life story. For someone who …