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Twerky Jerky

Keira started working on the Estate on July 13 2020, working as South Ormsby’s ‘Beef Unit Apprentice’. Half of her time is spent with the Lincoln Red Cattle, whilst the other half is spent working on a new beef jerky.

We don’t yet know when this will be available, or any details on price or pack size, but you can register your interest here:

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About Keira Rhodes

Keira Rhodes has lived at South Ormsby Estate all her life and is currently working on the Estate with the Lincoln Red Herd whilst doing a Level Two Stockpersons apprenticeship at Riseholme College. When she’s not busy with the Lincoln Reds, she’s experimenting and working on her own beef jerky, using our Lincoln Red Beef.

From the creation of the product itself, to creating a name for the product, and even sorting out the packaging and all the legal requirements, Keira is motivated in making a beef jerky people from all around can enjoy.

There are even plans for beef bacon to be created as well, which is currently being developed and trialled.

Keira Rhodes with the Lincoln Red Herd

The history of Beef Jerky...

Keira’s jerky is made the traditional way; trimmed till it’s lean, cut into strips and thoroughly dried. Originating with the Quecha people from the Andean nations of South America, jerky is a traditional way of preserving meat from seasonal hunting. Today it’s a popular way of using sustainably sourced meat as a high-protein, low-calorie treat.

Keira started by doing thorough background research and getting her knowledge built on the product of beef jerky, then set about making trial samples of the jerky, and giving it out to Estate staff for their thoughts and feedback. Now, she has narrowed it down to two main flavours which are still in the process of perfecting. These being: “Smoky Heat” & “Salty Tang”.

Beef Jerky being made hundreds of years ago

From the Lincoln Red Herd

Keira’s Beef Jerky is made from our own sustainably farmed and ethically farmed Lincoln Red Cattle. Our herd of 100% native population Lincoln Reds are from one of the nations oldest and rarest breeds of beef cattle, having been bred for 1000 years. They are 100% grass-fed, sustainably and ethically farmed, ensuring delicious beef of the highest quality.

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Two Lincoln Red Cattle in the Lincolnshire Wolds


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