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A Glass Above the Rest: The Best Gin Glassware to Serve Your Cocktails In

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Now, there’s no denying that the glass you choose to serve your gin cocktails in will not only contribute to how much you enjoy the drink but will also be a deciding factor on whether it makes for an Instagram worthy shot. Did you know, however, that the shape and size of the glass also plays an important part in the final taste, texture, and aroma of the beverage?

Depending on the ingredients and the variety of gin used, the best type of glass will vary but if you pair the right vessel to the right cocktail, your whole drinking experience will be elevated.

So, this week we have written a handy rundown of gin glass types, what their benefits are and the cocktails they work best with.

Burrell's London Dry Gin alongside a stemless balloon glass

The Balloon Glass

Instantly recognisable, the proper name for this bulbous glass is the ‘Copa de Balon’. It is ideal for a classic gin and tonic as it has room for lots and lots of ice and the wide brim allows the citrus scents to travel up into your nose. What’s more, the large stem of the glass stops the warmth from your hands affecting the drink. These glasses do, however, also come stemless but still with the same large bowl.

The Goblet Glass

The goblet glass bears some similarity to the balloon glass in as much as it has a large bowl, but the stem tends to be shorter and chunkier. This makes them comfortable to hold and allows them to be stacked which is ideal for catering environments. They work well with citrusy gins as the wide brim opening enhances the flavour and aroma of the cocktail.

The Martini Glass

This glass is often the one people think about when the word cocktail is mentioned. It has a distinctive V shape that helps prevent ingredients from separating and a long, thin stem to keep warm hands away from the chilled drink. The wide bowl allows the aroma to reach the back of the nose when drinking and allows the balancing of a cocktail stick with garnish for additional flavour. This glass is best for short cocktails with few non-alcoholic ingredients and those that use gin packed full of natural botanicals.

The Rocks Glass

Also known as a tumbler, the rocks glass comes in different sizes; a single rocks glass is usually reserved for neat drinks or those served without ice whereas a double rocks glass has additional room for a small amount of ice. It is a great option for strong, short drinks such as a Gin Old Fashioned or any cocktail that requires muddling as the thickness of the base means ingredients can be added straight to the glass.

Rocks glasses are ideal for short, strong cocktails

The Highball Glass

Although sometimes referred to as a Collins glass, the highball glass is a little shorter and narrower. It is designed for cocktails that use a lot of soda or non-alcoholic ingredients such as lemonade, juices, etc. Their size allows for plenty of crushed ice whilst the narrower rim helps keep the drink cool and carbonated.

The Flute Glass

Normally used to serve neat champagne or prosecco, the flute glass works well for any cocktail that pairs gin with fizz and is served without ice. The smaller rim helps keep the tipple fizzier for longer and is the perfect place to balance a garnish such as a twirl of lemon peel or cocktail stick with a few berries.

The Coupe Glass

Invented in England in the 1600s, this glass is also sometimes known as the champagne saucer. It is great for short, strained drinks and gives an elegant touch to any cocktail served in it. This elegance does come with delicate stems, however, especially when talking about expensive versions of this glass. Thanks to the wider rim, just like the martini and balloon glass, it allows the aroma from the gin to be fully enjoyed by the drinker.

If you are now confident in choosing the right glass for your favourite cocktails, now all you need is the gin! Our Burrell’s London Dry Gin is perfect for a classic G&T or if you are looking for something a little different, our award-winning Marie Jeanne Pink Gin is deliciously sweet but dry and pairs perfectly lemonade, cranberry or elderflower tonic.


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