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A Week on the Estate: Ball Finials, Shy Newts & Apple Treats

The nights are slowly drawing in, but we continue to work hard towards a bright future at South Ormsby Estate.

The harvest may have been gathered but the work continues. John Benge and his son Robert tackled some manure-spreading ahead in preparation for planting the next crop. Richard and Johnny Clarke from G. Clarke & Son are making good progress with a bit of winter drilling.

Two men resorting a stone ball that had fallen from the Estate wall

Two stone-ball finials that were dislodged by an earthquake a few years ago have been repaired by a local stonemason and restored to their rightful place. They’re rather substantial so didn’t roll too far  when the earth moved.

We’ve weather-proofed the temporary parking area at Sheep Dip Paddock to make sure that, rain or shine, keen hikers can make the most of our walking portfolio. Some friends of Damian Furlong – Maureen from Berkshire and Carole from Derbyshire – used our walking portfolio as a fine way to get acquainted with this beautiful area. They took the Tennyson Trail and loved seeing the Lincoln Reds grazing freely. They enjoyed a well-earned lunch at the Blue Bell Inn, Belchford, and later retired to the King’s Head Hotel in Louth to rest, recuperate and sample the Massingberd-Mundy gins.

A newt that was found on South Ormsby Estate

Paul Barnes came across a smooth newt while inspecting drains around the Hall, a good indicator of biodiversity on the estate. The newt didn’t like the look of Paul so turned over and played dead, giving us a nice look at his belly markings. Rest assured; no amphibians or estate managers were harmed in the making of these pictures.

Last weekend, the Saturday Club enjoyed a brilliant enrichment talk from Olivia Appletree on her university days, ceramic business and life as a graduate trainee at South Ormsby Estate. They also cracked on with some work. These pictures of a section of driveway were taken a few hours apart, proving that no weed is safe from this team!

Before and after photos of the Estate drive being weeded

Thanks to Jacqui Rhodes, the Saturday Club also got to enjoy the fruits of their labours. Jacqui made good use of a wet Saturday by setting up in the Hall’s kitchen and experimenting with apples picked by our young workers. They were certainly keen to taste the pies, flans and scones that rolled off Jacqui’s production line.