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A Week on the Estate: Virtual Party, Real Digging & Invisible Photography

We’re nearing the end of a strange and difficult 2020. Despite this year’s challenges, we continue to make progress towards our vision of a vibrant and sustainable rural economy, and we’ll be heading into 2021 with purpose and optimism.

Despite everything,  we still managed to host a Christmas party, albeit virtually. Thanks to some technological ingenuity, a couple of screenfuls of guests enjoyed a band, a magician, a gin Q&A with Tristan and some small-group catch-ups with friends and colleagues. To make sure everyone got home safe and sound, we also laid on a virtual courtesy bus.

On the land, the work never stops. Glynn of G.R. Bourne & Son of Spilsby has been clearing ditches on the estate and making sure we’re well prepared for wet weather. The before-and-after pictures show what a difference he’s made. We aim to clear 3.8km of ditches over the next few months.

With the bird census done and dusted, the Saturday Club is thinking ahead to spring. They’ve been assembling the bird boxes that will hopefully host a variety of new feathered arrivals. Damian Furlong has also taken a keen interest in local fauna. On the first day of his filming project, the critters were having a lie-in, despite the racket made by a cock pheasant. Still, a passing squirrel appreciated a free breakfast of sunflower seeds and a jay showed his face. Furze Close did at least offer Damian some fine winter landscapes.

Were you to wander into Damian’s neck of the woods, you’d hopefully fail to spot him in his ‘ghillie’ tent. Once he’d blended into his surroundings, he photographed various local species, including robin, pheasant, squirrel, wren and woodcock.

This week, we published the final chapter of Kath Brown’s Lincolnshire memoir, ‘My Days’. Next week, we’ll be publishing an interview with Kath’s son, David Brown. He’ll discusses how he came to share his mum’s memories, and the fascinating journey he took into his own heritage.

Inspired by Kath’s story, we’ve penned a variety of fascinating features on the history of the Lincolnshire Wolds and its people for publication in 2021. Keep an eye on our website for more details.

We’d like to thank our readers for their support in what’s been a tricky year for everyone, and we wish you all a safe, peaceful and happy Christmas.