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Fresh Talent at South Ormsby Estate – New Opportunities for Young People

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At South Ormsby Estate, we know that investing in the future means investing in the region’s young people. That’s why we want to recruit more young people this year, through the Kickstart scheme, through our graduate programme and through our Saturday Club for 13-17-year-olds.

South Ormsby Estate occupies c.3,000 acres in the beautiful heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds. From this foundation, we want to build a sustainable and dynamic rural economy that will allow business, the environment and local people to thrive together. Fulfilling this vision over the decades and generations to come will require the hard work, vitality and ingenuity of today’s youth.

As Graduate Placement Officer, Clarice Weston is both job coach and mentor for all our young workers. Clarice brings organisational skills from a working life in secretarial and PA roles, as well as a flair for leadership and problem-solving from her time as a leader and chairman in the Scout Movement.

“I’m a doer, an outdoor person,” said Clarice. “I lead by example. If there’s a beach session or a pond visit, I’m not a bystander, I’m in the water. I’ll always leap in and have a go. I’ll always join in with the kids. I’ve got a secretarial background and I love admin, paperwork and getting organised. I find my role at South Ormsby Estate exciting. It’s all about opening up the world to the next generation, and there are so many different areas of work around the estate to get stuck into.

“We’re going to see some big changes this year, subject to safe working conditions. As part of the national Kickstart scheme, we’ll be looking for keen, hard-working 16 to 24-year-olds to undertake paid work placements around the estate. There are likely to be vacancies in gardening, IT, agriculture and general estate work. For young people who are go-getting and willing to learn, there are skills and opportunities here that could lead to good careers right here in Lincolnshire.

“It’ll be part of my job to support Kickstart workers and help them with the skills, motivation and knowledge that will see them thrive. As well as the core aspects of their day jobs, they’ll get better at team-working, timekeeping, writing a CV and acing an interview.

saturday club

“My involvement with the Saturday Club is very hands-on. I love helping them understand the importance of practical skills and do things they wouldn’t normally get chance to do. I’m a bit nosey and I enjoy finding enrichment speakers and suggesting questions when the kids get shy. Lindsey Plumbing very kindly did an enrichment talk and now one of the kids wants to be a plumber.

“The Saturday Club kids enjoy their work and really get into it. Some tasks get repetitive but that’s the nature of the work. The lessons can be as basic as knowing to hold a hammer near the bottom rather than near the head to make sure you get a good swing. Mine’s an exciting role and it’s all about the next generation. For all our young workers, there are so many areas of work around the estate and we’re opening up possibilities and making them think long-term.

“Some of the Saturday Club workers will be coming up to 16 years. Instead of losing their experience, we’ll aim to expand to have two teams of five workers, each with a 16-year-old team leader. We can get more work done this way and ensure spacing. It will also give the older kids a pay rise and route to progression. There’s a waiting list for the Saturday Club as it’s proved popular, but enquiries are always welcome by email:

“I also offer support to our graduate trainees, checking in with them to make sure all is well. There will be more graduate trainees this year and they will ultimately be getting plenty of responsibility,  tackling challenging, standalone projects and getting the chance to make their mark on the future of the estate.”

If you’re at the beginning of your working life and you’d like to help build a wonderful future for the Lincolnshire Wolds, and a rewarding career for yourself, keep an eye on our ‘Vacancies’ page and social media for all kinds of opportunities, or speak to your job coach at Jobcentre Plus.


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