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Gin Cocktails – Burrell’s Hot Toddy

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With the help of mixologist Vanessa Jay, I’ve crafted up a recipe you can follow to create a Burrell’s Hot Toddy. On winter nights, nothing beats a hot toddy for cosy, cold-weather comfort. A hot toddy is an alcoholic cocktail typically served hot in a mug. The traditional hot toddy formula is simple, but why not experiment and see what variations you can create? Believed to have been invented in Scotland sometime in the eighteenth century, the hot toddy is a popular cocktail during the cold months and especially around Christmas.
Traditionally, hot toddies have commonly been prescribed as a cough and cold remedy. Today, we know that any hot drink with citrus and honey can help ease cough and cold symptoms, it does not necessarily need to include any alcohol.
Depending on preference (and what you have got on hand), in our case Gin, hot toddies might vary slightly, which is a good thing! (as long as it’s hot and warms you up down to your bones).

For your mug:
45ml Burrell’s Gin
15ml fresh lemon juice
15ml apple juice
3 teaspoons of honey
1 spiced tea bag
1/2 cinnamon stick

1. Add all the ingredients above into your glass.
2. Top up with water.
3. Steep for 5 mins
4. Remove the Spiced tea bag and cinnamon stick.
5. Garnish & Serve.
Garnish: With honey/toffee apple plus cinnamon powder on side of glass.

Why Burrell's Gin works in a hot toddy:

In terms of the botanicals used in this gin, a hot toddy variation was a no-brainer, the beautiful citrus, apple, elderflower, and spice notes with subtle pepper laid out the blueprint of this serve. Burrell’s is an exceptionally smooth gin on its own so serving it warm gave us the opportunity to experience the blend of typical and local botanicals in a rather unconventional way. The use of fresh lemon juice gives a bit more volume to those wonderful citrus peels present in distillation, while the apple juice adds a dimension of freshness. The honey softens the strength of this serve exemplifying the sweeter elderflower notes, and the steeping of autumnal spices with half a cinnamon stick round out this serve to create the ultimate warming autumn serve.

hot toddy gin cocktail using Massingberd-Mundy gin


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