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Gin Cocktails – MJ’s Hot Bramble

This post is over 90 days old and may contain outdated information, links or references.

With the help of mixologist Vanessa Jay, I’ve crafted up a recipe you can follow to create MJ’s Hot Bramble. The Bramble is a cocktail created by Dick Bradsell in 1980s London. Best described as a spring cocktail, the Bramble brings together dry gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and usually crème de mûre, served over crushed ice. Bradsell also suggests finishing off the cocktail with some fresh red fruits (such as blackberries, cranberries) and a slice of lemon. Although this drink is normally one to make when the hedgerows are groaning with ripe fruit in spring and summer, we have decided to make this iconic gin cocktail also suitable for autumnal days and winter nights by creating the MJ’s Hot Bramble.

50ml Marie Jeanne
15ml sloe gin
15ml cranberry juice
15ml lime juice
Strawberry jam muddled with blackberries

1. Add 1 teaspoon of strawberry jam and 4 blackberries into a mixing glass.
2. Add 40ml hot water and the 15ml sloe gin and proceed to muddle until the colour is consistent.
3. Add remaining ingredients: gin, cranberry and lime juice while stirring vigorously. Top with hot water (I used 50ml due to my glassware size).
4. Using a brush add a local Lincolnshire honey lick to the side of the glass then crack some pink peppercorns to paint on for garnish art.
5. Double strain the mixing glass contents into your garnished glass and enjoy!
Garnish: Cracked pink peppercorns & a wedge of lemon.

MJ's Hot Bramble Gin Cocktail

Why have Marie-Jeanne's Bramble warm?

There are quite a few answers to this, firstly the gin bramble is arguably one of the most popular cocktails, for this reason, it was a good choice as well as it was necessary to change up the serve by serving it hot. Secondly, Marie-Jeanne pink gin is a vibrant and unique pink gin, she deserves to speak! The bold use of strawberries, cranberry, raspberry and hibiscus in this gin create a floral and sweet-tasting experience while being balanced by the more typical and local botanicals. Finally, the way in which this serve maintains the vibrancy of this gin while encompassing local strawberry jam and sloe gin made here on the estate is the epitome of mixology. This serve takes you to the estate, it takes you on a journey through the botanicals presented in this gin while keeping you warm as well. Given the smoothness of this gin at room temperature and chilled, serving it warm just allows those red berry notes to speak and naturally with this serve the gin lies at the heart of it.


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