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March’s Cocktail Of The Month – GINess

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Guinness was first brewed in Ireland in 1759, and this stout was the brainchild of Arthur Guinness, who very quickly established a range of beers that became household favourites over the Irish Sea in England.

To celebrate St Patrick’s day our Master Distiller Tristan combined his two favourite things; Burrell’s and coffee to create a cocktail to pay homage to the most famous Irish drinks. A cold Irish coffee if you please. We have called this creation GINess!

GINess cocktail of the month


  • 50ml Burrell’s Dry London Gin
  • 250ml cold brew black coffee
  • 25ml fresh lemon or lime juice
  • 25ml sugar syrup
  • One fresh egg white


  1. In a tall glass make yourself a black cold brew coffee. Here we used two Americano Pods.
  2. To a shaker, add 50ml of Burrell’s Dry Gin, 25ml lemon or lime juice, 25ml sugar syrup and one fresh egg white.
  3. Dry shake for 2 mins to froth up the egg white.
  4. Strain the gin into the glass, topping with the egg white foam.


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