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Perfect Mixers To Pair With Gin

This post is over 90 days old and may contain outdated information, links or references.

With Spring creeping in and the warmer weather taking hold, you might already be thinking about the weeks ahead and being able to entertain family and friends in your garden – we certainly are! With the rattan dusted off and the patio jet washed, the only thing left to do is decide on the food and drink that will give these long-awaited get-togethers the cherry on top.

Now, we will always champion a BBQ for any outdoor social event but when thoughts turn to drinks for the occasion, you are spoilt for choice. Gin, especially our award-winning Marie Jeanne, and Burrell’s London Dry is always a people pleaser, but when there are still so many cocktails and combinations to try, how do you know which ones to opt for?

There are of course the timeless pairings to gin such as tonic and those more contemporary choices like cranberry juice, but if you are looking for some new and novel mixers to pair with your gin, then take a look at our list of fun and flavourful recommendations:

We know gin pairs well with tonic but there are plenty of other winning combinations

If you want to stick to the classics:

Tonic – On its own, tonic water isn’t necessarily a drink that many people would reach for due to its bitterness but when combined with the juniper and botanicals in gin, it makes for a much-loved cocktail. The classic G&T is light and refreshing and we always recommend serving over plenty of ice with a lime slice.

Lemonade – Another firm favourite, lemonade provides a hint of fizz

whilst letting the flavour of the gin shine through. Shop bought varieties work perfectly but for an extra special drink, try serving with fresh homemade lemonade and a wedge of lemon.

Bitter Lemon – Gin works incredibly well with citrus flavours which is why slices of lemon and tangerine peels are often used as garnishes, but bitter lemon is a great alternative for those that aren’t a fan of tonic. When served with lashings of ice, gin and bitter lemon offer a refreshing beverage, especially on warm days.

Pink gin works well with lemonade

If you want a modern twist:

Elderflower – Elderflower adds a floral sweetness when paired with gin that results in a deliciously refreshing drink perfect for spring. You can use a fizzy variety or mix elderflower cordial with gin and soda in a large pitcher which makes it perfect for sharing with friends.

Cranberry Juice – It is a long-time favourite for serving with vodka, but cranberry juice also works as a deliciously tart and dry companion to gin. A squeeze of fresh lime will add a little extra punch and a garnish of fresh cranberries will give a final flair.

Coffee – Coffee and alcohol pairings have been around for some time with the likes of the espresso martini and flavoured liqueurs. Now although this unusual combination might not appeal to everyone, high-quality gin such as Massingberd-Mundy’s Burrell’s mixed with freshly prepared and chilled espresso results in a sophisticated and smooth cocktail.

If you like to experiment with flavours:

Ginger Beer – When mixed with gin, ginger beer provides a subtle but fiery and sweet warmth that helps bring out the flavour of the botanicals. It’s a fun and exciting blend to try anytime.

Tomato Juice – Long before the Bloody Mary, the Red Snapper cocktail combined tomato juice and gin for a drink that has a depth of flavour unrivalled by the neutrality of vodka. Serve in a tall glass with a salt and pepper rim and don’t forget to add a dash of Worcestershire sauce, tabasco and lemon juice.

Earl Grey Tea – Flavoured with bergamot oil, Earl Grey is fragrant and distinctive in its own right but its floral nature pairs wonderfully with the botanicals of gin. Simply brew a pot of tea and leave it to cool before mixing in a cocktail shaker with gin and ice for a unique but unforgettable martini.


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