Transformations and Birthday Preparations

Our conservationists, are continuing to be busy on the Estate. They telephoned to see if our Estate Photographer, Damian Furlong, wanted to accompany them on one of their surveys visiting the nesting boxes they had put up. Damian was keen to photograph any eggs in nests and any baby chicks. He followed all advice which was given by the conservationists as he didn’t want to upset any new parents or baby chicks.

The Pump Room is getting a complete transformation. New purply-blue carpet has gone down and the has been furniture purchased and delivered from Lincs Trading Company in Alford. The electrics have also been put in by Simon Sutton. Ivan Reed, from Reedtek, came to set up five computer work stations and the new look Pump Room now provides a very lovely working space. Whilst it will be warm enough in the summer months, we intend to put in electric heating for the colder months.

All the Old Rectory Guest House doors have now been named. Sign painter, Tim Fry from Woodhall Spa, has done a splendid job, matching the paint colour to the sophisticated pewter-looking ironmongery, and using a script carefully chosen to match Victorian writing. The names on the bedrooms are all named after prominent local rectors of the past, with the years they served at St Leonard’s underneath, with the exception of Susanna Wesley, who was the mother of Methodist founders’ John and Charles, who lived in the Rectory.

It’s not just the beautifully painted door names that are new up at the Old Rectory. Four of the guests have decided to stay on a permanent basis. These are the Old Rectory Chickens. All the chickens are different varieties; Bluebell, Speckled, Sussex and Black Copper Head.  Tanya’s grandchildren have decided they should be named after the months in which they were born; April, May, June and August. The chickens are settling in well and Tanya and Roy are hoping they will start laying soon.

Colin, the gardener, has been back to see us. He is looking at growing some horseradish in the walled garden, which we hope will be lovely with our Lincoln Red Beef, and also wanted to check on the vegetables he has planted.


Caron has been liaising with the residential home in Lincoln where Kath Brown, the Hall’s former housemaid, resides. Kath was 104-years-old on 28th May and so we have invited her over to South Ormsby for a special birthday lunch.

Jacqui has started to think about what we should include to eat, and the home has informed us she loves jam and ham sandwiches, and that her favourite cake is a Victoria Sponge. The Deputy Manager of the home, Bev is coming along too, as are Kath’s son David and his wife Pam. The taxi company who is bringing Kath to the Hall have even offered to do the hour-long return journey for free as it is for a very special treat for our former housemaid!

Everyone is willing to help with the preparations and Meltons, the painters, have even offered their huge rubber mats in a bid to make the wheelchair ride from the taxi to the Hall even smoother for Kath.